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Conversating While Black is a scripted series celebrating the gift of a good conversation. The10-episode narrative features conversations between thoughtful, curious black folk discussing matters like the rationale behind "non-traditional" black names, the fact that 1.5 million African-American men have GONE missing, the scarcity model governing the arts, and folks' widespread perception of haters. Whether the subject is serious or silly, the five characters bring their full attention, humor, and if need be, ire/irritation to the discussion.  

Produced by blackSTORY filmsthe series stars MaameYaa Boafo (An African City), Andrea Lewis (Black Actress), Skyler James, Damien Norfleet, and DeShawn White. Following the production of their short film "Didn't I Ask For Tea?", filmmakers Rahwa Asmerom and Esence Ward wanted to follow up with an accessible online showcase to demonstrate comedic dialogue and critical perspectives on culture and society. "Doing most anything while black calls for caution and comedy," said Ward. "These characters love black culture and have a steady stream of questions, observations, and jokes about the way we live now."

Learn more about blackSTORY films here.   

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